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Introducing Manifest - the luxurious, highly scented diffuser oil that brings joy and serenity to any home setting. Collage your space with the aromatic blend of African Violet, Autum Hay, Wood, Tonka Bean and Vanilla - a symphony designed to invigorate your mind and spirit into pure bliss. Experience the indulgent scent combination yourself and let Manifest explain why it's worth every penny. 


This high-end product has been carefully crafted with quality oils, each containing unique properties to magnify the feelings of relaxation when experienced in unison. Instilling warmth into a room by dispersing these comforting fragrances, you will notice a refreshingly calming atmosphere from every corner. Whether relieving stress after a long day or just looking for that special something to bring peace of mind - allow Manifest to nurture your needs without fail. 


It's time for you to experience true luxury with Manifest's strong yet sophisticated aroma - perfect for women or men who understand the value of investing in not only their sense of smell but also their well-being. Enhancing any social gathering while promoting harmony within that special space, our alluring blend is sure to stir up lasting memories. Don't forget to uncover how incredibly pleasing this natural scent is until you try it yourself! 


Top: African Violet

Heart: Autum Hay, Wood,

Base: Wood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla


Scented burning oil is ideal for use in electric or wood diffusers, wax warmers, vaporizers or humidifiers. With the slow-burning process, they create an aroma that can freshen up your space with a soothing, relaxing scent, remove bad odors and create a serene and tranquil atmosphere.


Warming oils are a great alternative to candles for people who prefer not to have an open flame or unable to have an open flame. Just have the pleasant scent without the flame!


• Ingredients: di-propylene glycol, phthalate-free fragrance

• 1 oz bottle with dropper

• PLEASE NOTE -> A Diffuser, electric, or tea light warmer is needed to enjoy this warm oil scent, it is not included!

Manifest Warming Oil

  • **Shake well before using to thoroughly mix.** Oil will look a little opaque after shaking, this is normal.*

    Use dropper and squeeze oil into diffuser, electric or tealight warmer. Use with caution around children and pets, oil becomes hot.

    Do not warm on stovetop. Not for use on body. Oil is not edible.


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