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Men's Hair Fact Pro Immune Vitamins are the ultimate solution for men who are struggling with hair loss, autoimmune issues, and chronic health problems. With a unique combination of hair-nourishing vitamins and crucial immune boosting nutrients, this powerful daily supplement can help alleviate symptoms, reduce inflammation, and bring your body back into balance.


Using the power of science to provide incredible support for male scalp health and an improved immune system, these vitamins help you improve hydration levels in the hair shaft and reduce stress on the scalp. This can result in healthier looking and feeling hair from root to tip. The ingredients are important to promote healthy regrowth — they contain antioxidants further protect against oxidative stress damage, which is common symptom triggering of autoimmune issues.


For men struggling with conditions such as alopecia areata, autoimmune thyroiditis or frequent colds - among many others - Men’s Hair Fact Pro Immune Vitamins provide reliable support so you can feel empowered to take control of your health. With their tailored blend of herbs designed to keep immunity strong and areas like liver health in check — these vitamins can help decrease viruses in the body as well as any gastrointestinal upset associated with excessive intake of iron supplements or IBS type symptoms.


By giving your body every nutrient it needs for optimal performance on a cellular level - Men’s Hair Fact Pro Immune Vitamins provide essential support in restoring overall balance from within — safely aiding in alleviating debilitating skin rashes, and Covid-19 symptoms or Trichotillomania with ease and confidence.


The Hair Fact Pro Immune For Men program provides 6 different oral supplements in a cyclical method: where each is taken twice a week. A total of 12 supplements per week. i.e. The 1st matched pair of supplements on Monday, the 2nd pair Tuesday, the 3rd pair on Wednesday, and then repeating the sequence on Thursday – pair 1, Friday – pair 2 and Saturday – pair 3. Sunday is a ‘rest’ day.


Hair Fact Pro Immune For Momen is Australian made and researched by a team of clinical specialists. It has been approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia). Each kit provides a 4 month supply of supplements. It is essential to continue the 4-month program before results are visible.


Tricho Hair Treatment Gel is also recommended and required to be used twice daily, massaged into the scalp. The gentle moisturizing gel revitalizes hair luster, repairs and restores hair vitality and reduces the signs of aging.

Men's Hair Fact Pro Immune Vitamins - 4 MONTH SUPPLY

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