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Ignite a sanctuary of serenity within your own abode with the Retreat Candle. Expertly crafted for those who hold an affinity for elegance in home fragrance, this luxurious wooden wick candle is a treasure among aficionados of comfort and style.


Immerse yourself in the opulent woody scent that unfurls with the rich, heady spices of hand-picked black pepper, clove leaf, and a whisper of nutmeg. Allow the singular crackle of the wooden wick to transport you to secluded cabins nestled in ancient forests, where time drifts away like smoke.


At the heart of the Retreat Candle lies a delicate bloom of lavender, beckoning with its calming presence—an iconic symbol of relaxation and mindful repose. The core is an ode to peace and a meditative pause in the rush of life.


It is at the base where the candle truly finds its depth and sophistication. The robust cedarwood, creamy tonka bean, and mystical patchouli converge with tendrils of vanilla and amber. A final touch of sandalwood and olibanum completes the sensory experience, wrapping you in a cocoon of comfort that lingers long after the flame has softened to a glow.


Hand-poured with meticulous attention to detail, the Retreat Candle envelops your space in an ambiance of tranquility, transforming your living environment into an oasis where mind, body, and spirit align.


Whether as a precious addition to your collection, a centerpiece of your wellness ritual, or a sophisticated touch to your home decor, the Retreat Candle speaks to the connoisseur of fine luxury. Garnish your surroundings with this emblem of sensory delight, where each flicker elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Invite a touch of the indulgent and the sublime into your sanctuary. Experience the Retreat Candle—where every scent is a voyage, every glow a story.


Top: Black Pepper, Clove Leaf, Nutmeg
Heart: Lavender
Base: Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Olibanum


• Natural soy wax blend, vegan and animal-cruelty free
• Handmade without any toxic materials
• Raw, untreated crackling wooden wick
• Soothing Cracking Sound
• High-quality phthalate-free fragrances & essential oils
• Clean & slow-burning
• 50+ Hour Burn Time
• Paraben-Free
• Lead & Zinc-Free
• 7 oz. candle weight

Retreat Candle

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