Tricho Gel works on multiple levels promoting better quality of hair and improving hair growth. The first of its kind, Tricho Gel has been designed by studying growing hair instead of studying the falling hair. Tricho Gel inhibits the 5-alpha-reductase with Oleanolic acid while improving the scalp blood flow. Tricho Gel is suited for any age as well as those who cannot use Minoxidil or do not desire to use Minoxidil. Tricho Gel does not make the hair frizzy or unmanageable, it acts as a hair gel, improving the handling and the appearance of the hair.


Tricho Gel is a formulation that:


-Is gentle on the skin with low irritation

-Increases hair luster

-Repairs and restores hair vitality

-Reduces the signs of aging

-Moisturizes the scalp -Improves hair growth

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