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Are you a woman struggling with chronic illnesses, hair loss or autoimmune issues? Have you been feeling overwhelmed and helpless in finding an added layer of support and relief? Look no further; the Women's Hair Fact Pro Immune Vitamins provides you exactly that.


These powerful vitamins are specifically formulated to help allergies, skin rash, chronic illnesses, trichotillomania, alopecia areata, frequent colds and Covid-19 infection symptoms. They improve the immune system while at the same time providing relief from oxidative stress, autoimmmune thyroiditis, gastric irritation with iron, IBS and liver related problems. Our hair vitamins helps nourish your thinning hair and brittle nails while strengthening your immune system from within.


We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with these health conditions—our Women’s Hair Fact Pro Immune Vitamins will help put your mind at ease with their wideranging benefits for a healthier body inside and out. Get strong nails, shiny hair, even skin complexion—all through one easy step! With our vitamins , you can have a feeling of complete reassurance that your overall health is in good hands .


The Hair Fact Pro Immune For Women program provides 6 different oral supplements in a cyclical method: where each is taken twice a week.A total of 12 supplements per week. i.e. The 1st matched pair of supplements on Monday, the 2nd pair Tuesday, the 3rd pair on Wednesday, and then repeating the sequence on Thursday – pair 1, Friday – pair 2 and Saturday – pair 3. Sunday is a ‘rest’ day.


Hair Fact Pro Immune For Women is Australian made and researched by a team of clinical specialists. It has been approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia).Each kit provides a 4 month supply of supplements. It is essential to continue the 4-month program before results are visible.


Tricho Hair Treatment Gel is also recommended and required to be used twice daily, massaged into the scalp. The gentle moisturizing gel revitalizes hair luster, repairs and restores hair vitality and reduces the signs of aging.

Women's Hair Fact Pro Immune Vitamins - 4 MONTH SUPPLY

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